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Dan Rowan and Dick Martin's Laugh-in

The 1st and Only Collection on the 'Net

I would like to collect other Laugh-in clips and even pics (any format) if you have them. Please do help me expand this page if you can.

1998 CD Release:
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

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Play List: Cuckoo Laugh-in World, Monologue and Cocktail Party, New Talent, Personality of the Week, News Past Present and Future, etcetera, Half Time, Here Come Da Judge, Cocktail Party, Sock it to Me, Mod Mod WOrld, The Cuckoos, Good Night Dick.
over 30 minutes of classic Laugh-in skits from Sony's Collectables Records

Most of these Sound Clips are from the Laugh-In 25th Anniversary Special
        Recorded in 11kHz, 16-bit, mono ADCPM wave Format.

I don't claim to be the worlds greatest speller - so don't take any points off for it.

01 - Gary Owens Intro (56k) (#1 download)

02 - Laugh-In Theme (for Anniversary show) (292k) (#3 download)

03 - Shorts with Carson, E.G. Robinson, Billy Graham (292k)

04 - Sock-It-To-Me (Ends with Nixon) (213k) (#2 download)

05 - Gladys and Tyrone (The Here After) (174k) (#9 Download)  Image File

06 - JoAnn's 'When you are down and out' (63k) (#10 Download)

07 - Skit - It's hard for me to say this (91k)

08 - 1st 'Tip Toe' with Tiny Tim (530k) (#7 Download)  Image File

09 - Elements, by Henry Gibson (149k)

10 - Roger Moore short (41k)

11 - Dan and Johnny 'Dick' Carson (770k)

12 - Governor Reagan Joke (40k)

13 - Artie Johnson 'Our Church accepts all' (31k)

14 - Gladys 'Sexual Revolution' (24k)

15 - Flying Fickled Finger of Fate Award (76k)

16 - Jack Benny shorts ("That's the worst joke...") (32k)  Image File

17 - Dan and Dick 'Gottcha course' (474k)  Image File

18 - Very Interesting (49k) (#4 Download)  Image File

19 - Several News of the Future (amazing how some came true!) (461k)

20 - DDT Story (104k)

21 - Report Ending (Dan and Dick) (71k)

22 - Gary Owens - break (41k)

23 - Another Governor Reagan joke (45k)

24 - Gary Owens - 'Shouldn't be done' (87k)

25 - Happiness is - By Carson (Ends with John Wayne) (35k)

26 - John Wayne - Shoot First (46k) (#8 download)

27 - Ernestine calls Nixon (432k)  Image File

28 - Farkel Family skit (474k)
Farkel Logo
Mom and Dad
Most of the kids
Mon, Dad, and Neighbor

29 - Here Comes The Judge (46k) (#5 download)  Image File

30 - John Wayne - The Sky (61k)

31 - Good News/Bad News (109k)

32 - Does NBC know this show is on? (Leonard Nimoy) (13k)

33 - Very Interesting (Johnson and Peter Sellers) (334k)

34 - Gary Owens Closing (25k)

35 - Laugh-In Closing Sound (36k) (#6 Download)

36 - Ruth Buzzi's 'Laugh' Song (153k)

37 - Another Gary Ownes Intro (36k)

38 - Gary Ownes "It's sock-it-to-me time" (28k)

39 - Barbara Feldon "Look that up in your Funk and Wagnall" (Goldie also) (32k)

40 - Eva (?) Gabor "That's very interesting" (25k)

41 - Gary Owens "Dispite numerous requests, it's Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in" (50k)

42 - Dan and Dick - no more Sweet Bippy (220k)

43 - Eva (?) Gabor "I love this show, darling, I just don't understand...." (28k)

44 - Gary Ownes "Stupied question #87" (13k)

45 - Goldie "Now that tickled my fancy" (11k)

46 - Artie's Rabi hit by a baseball joke (clean) (28k)

47 - "I'm one of the Laugh-in Writers... stop me before I steal again" (28k)

48 - Gary "Send in tonight for your free gift...." (34k)

49 - Eva (?) Gabor "Reminds me of my first honeymoon...." (34k)

50 - Gary Owens Closing (Door to Door) (25k)

51 - Goldie "Don't go back, we'll be right away" (13k)

52 - Dan - "Well it's time to say Good Night Dick" (11k)

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